One of the most common things I hear at the beginning of a session is, "We're not photogenic and we've never modeled before." I'm here to be the first to tell you, I'm grateful you are just genuinely you! I'm not here to capture experienced runway models (although I did grow up obsessed with America's Next Top Model). I'm here to create a fun-loving, comfortable space to give you the opportunity to bask in your love for an hour.

Our days are busy enough with our daily routine and being human. If you've made the investment to gift yourselves a session, you deserve to have the best freaking hour to just be you! (And not by being a top model, but by being yourselves).

During our session, I will guide you by natural prompts that allow you to fully fall into being yourselves together.

To get us started, we'll take a little walk

Whether it's a couple or a family session, I've found the most comfortable way to ease each person into being behind the camera is a simple walk. I'll encourage you throughout the session to be present, soak in all the eye contact with each other, and frolic like little kids.

The Sweet Nothings

You know those little whispers of giddy love that just send your partner smiling uncontrollably? I'll have you whisper sweet nothins into their ear at some point in our session. Whether it's a dad joke, a saucy remark, or something loving, this is your time to keep a little laughter secret from me. It makes for the sweetest of moments and that translates beautifully on my side of the lens. (Bonus shots of goodness when you go for a temple smooch)

Get ready to move (in the best way)

Okay, just like you aren't a professional model, I know you're not a professional dancer either, so let's start simple...For some, spinning their partner comes easier than others, so I have a little spin hack for you. We're gonna start with a half spin to get comfortable on the motion of your arms and being led by your partner. From there, the full fairytale spin will follow. I'll encourage you to move, groove, and dance a little (like no ones watching). I always have a portable speaker with me and at the beginning I'll ask what spotify station you want me to put on :)

Cozy & Cuddly

This is your time to nuzzle up and get all the lovins. Whether it's a couples, family, mom & daughter session or with your four legged friend, we're here for all the love. I usually don't have too specific of a prompt besides to really nuzzle in and get cozy. How you define that will look different and so authentically cute. Don't be afraid to let out your inner child for that safe, wholesome embrace.

Eskimo kisses turned to real smooches

While you are all cuddled and nuzzled up, I'll prompt you into an eskimo kiss just lightly touching noses then end it with a smooch. Grab your honey closer in and give them the most passionate kiss as a token of appreciation. If they were hesitant about booking a session, this is your time for a thank you kiss :)

The look-away and look back

I don't know if it's the combination of the grace and power in this pose, but I love this variety of prompts. I'll usually guide you guys to stand next to each other, then a step apart to create some distance (this usually breaks up the composition of the photo a bit better) I'll ask you to stoically look away, then look at each other and just melt.

We're here for the details

Every story is completely it's own and because of that, possesses it's own set of unique details. We spend some time before your big day getting to know each other. This really starts before our engagement session, where you'll answer a questionnaire that gives me a better glimpse into who you are as a couple and the story you've written so far. This will give you the chance to tell me if there's anything special to look out for during your engagement session, elopement, or wedding.

And we can always do add in a picnic setup

This was the perfect way to celebrate their engagement. An incredible charcuterie spread, elegant boho feels, with champagne spray to bring in a new chapter. But don't worry, we'll designate a whole other blog post to our love of intimate picnics.